Celebrity News Blogs: How to Attract Celebrity News Visitors to Your Blog

As you know, Google Trends is a simple tool for measuring the time spent searching the web. It is a very versatile and innovative tool that has proven to be very useful for news agencies, internet users and webmasters. You tend to focus on news blogs. This is ideal for small webmasters who want to post more visitors to their blog.

I think I can classify myself as one of the little webmasters, and I’m definitely constantly watching Google trends. Researching this mysterious and excellent service, I found that most Internet users are only interested in three things:

1.1. Bald
2. Crime and serial killer
Celebrities, celebrities and other celebrities

I’m convinced that I’m not the only webmaster to embrace the amazing attachment to the celebrity culture that attracts the average Internet user. Google-only traffic on this niche topic is incredible, with millions of people searching for the names of popular celebrities every hour. Traffic far exceeds what appears to be the most important and heavy topic in the news. In short, the great charm of celebrities and the celebrity news scandals are very impressive and regularly appear on a large scale.

There’s a recent tendency for webmasters and bloggers to follow Google’s trends in blog posts, and I have to admit that I’m one of these webmasters. Let me give you an example of how effective this is. At 1:00 pm, Google Trends announced that popular TV chef Rachel charity nye Ray is taking insane photos of FHM. I was lucky to know this at 13:05. I wrote a brief 5 minute blog post on this topic, not thinking it was overkill. Boy, I was wrong. Later that day, I checked the statistics counter on my website and found that Google sent 60,000 unique visitors to my blog.

How can such a significant increase in traffic be possible without a great deal of effort in search engine optimization? It turned out to be a simple matter of competition. If the latest celebrity scandals occur and trends are reported, there is little competition on Google for a relatively unique set of keywords that represent the scandal over the next few minutes. This is a formula that always works for me and other webmasters, and some of them even admit on their blog that they only follow Google trends. Of course, it will be limited to Google Trends on blogs. This is a restrictive measure that I do not recommend.