Why You Should Buy Your iPhone 11 Here, Online

The new iPhone 11 is a radical redesign of last year’s very popular iPhone XR. At first glance, it all looks the same. From the top, it all looks the same. It still has the exact same appearance, same sleek design, same six.1-inch LCD with shiny, rounded corners, the identical huge bezels, the identical aluminum body, and the exact same screws and slides to operate the phone. However, a closer inspection reveals that the iPhone 11 has many new features.

A new feature is the “3D touch” feature. This iphone 11allows the user to use the phone without even touching the home button on the device itself. By simply using the iPhone’s own stylus, this feature offers users increased interaction options. You can slide the finger across the screen to easily browse through options or tap the virtual button for options and other functions. These innovative features help users navigate through their phones without accidentally hitting the home button which costs them money since they cannot turn off vibrate mode.

Along with the “3D touch” feature, another feature present in the iPhone 11 pro is Apple’s Airplane mode. While most cell phones support some limited airtime when switched on, the iPhone 11 pro offers full on airplane mode which conserves power to allow you to surf the internet, watch your movies, listen to music, or even reply to an email in a timely manner. This feature also allows you to browse the web while on the go. The only downside to this feature is that the longer you leave your iPhone in airplane mode the slower the charging process becomes. An average battery life for the iPhone 11 is around eight hours.

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